The idea for "The Ambivalent Vestibule" came when I was doing some historical research a number of years ago.
I stumbled across the details of the Leopold Redpath Fraud Case in pretty much the way described in the book.
The story of how one of the biggest embezzlers of the time managed to live like a king whilst apparently being paid only £250 a year was one of the biggest scandals of the mid nineteenth century, but is barely remembered today.
I felt that it demanded to be made into a novel, but also wanted to contrast the lifestyle and mores of that period with those of today in a humorous fashion; and so the time-travelling central character of Luke was born.

I have had a lifelong love of science fiction and gently satirise some of its clichés along the way.
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There was a young man who said “Damn!
I now clearly see that I am
An engine that moves
In predestinate grooves:
Not even a bus, but a tram.”
  Maurice E. Hare (1886-1967)
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